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About the Polo Training Foundation and Its Reimbursement Program

by Lisa M Nousek

A member of the New York State Bar Association, Lisa M. Nousek litigates cases for Boies, Schiller, & Flexner LLP as partner. In her spare time, Lisa M. Nousek enjoys playing polo and contributes to the Polo Training Foundation.
A charitable foundation, the Polo Training Foundation aims to develop the skills and sportsmanship of polo athletes competing in intercollegiate and scholastic sports. Since 1967, the foundation has hosted training workshops for various age groups as well as for umpires and instructors. Additionally, it offers financial support for adult clinics.
Adult clinics typically span three days over a weekend. Those interested in hosting training can visit to obtain an application packet to complete for consideration of up to 50 percent reimbursement of approved clinic expenses. Reimbursements may not exceed $1,000 per clinic, and only one is given per club annually. Special circumstances may warrant an exception. The application requests details about the applicant and its clinic date. Further, an itemized list of expenses, such as instructor fees, is required to evaluate eligibility.
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